Fish Guts - Batteries

The basic concept
The basic concept

Discofish goes stealth-mode (other than the blasting sound system, thumping bass and ruckus partying)

Current setup specifics (This post is in-progress)

  • propane
  • generator
  • generator noise
  • fuel consumption and generator efficiency at 10% load

Retired EV pack
Woo! Batteries!

New setup specifics

  • battery capacity
  • Anticipated battery run-time
  • Recharging batteries
  • fuel consumption and generator efficiency at 100% load
  • Testing of battery management product in a harsh environment

For 2015, Discofish was working pretty well and the team was running out of things to bolt onto an already overloaded chassis, so they decided to build another vehicle. The goals were specific, measurable and achievable.

  • It had to be cool and we like beer.
  • Also, could we ride on it?

Thus, Keggy was born. (some other post about Keggy coming soon. maybe. if I have time.)

We have a little experience working with batteries

Posted 2016/03/30, 6:00PM

by Keg


  • We're putting batteries in it.