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It's late March and we've been meeting weekly since early February to plan for Burning Man 2016. Our main orders of business include "what went well, what didn't go well in 2015?", "How the hell are we going to get tickets this year?", "How do we keep our overloaded trailer from falling apart?" and, of course, "What are we going to build this year?"

Nissan Leaf pack
Woo! Batteries!

Discofish has an on-board 20kW propane generator which provides more than enough power to run our scale lights and sound system but we bought it to run the search light. The problem is that it's loud. And it guzzles propane almost as fast as our 20' flame thrower.

This year Discofish will go green by (possibly) replacing one of our large propane tanks with a rack of second-life rechargable Lithium-Ion batteries, taken from a spent electric car battery pack. The goal will be to install enough power storage capacity to run the fish for "most" of the night, completely on battery power and without needing to run the very noisy generator. During the day, or when the battery power runs too low, the generator will be turned on to recharge the battery array.

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Second Prototype of our WiFi Wearables
Second Prototype of our WiFi Wearables

For years we've been thinking of building some kind of wearable electronics that "do something cool." This year we think we have a workable idea. The plan is to build a WiFi link from the fish to each person's wearable device of their choice that will allow our light up blinky whatever to color coordinate with the fish scales.

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Posted 2016/03/23, 8:30PM

by Keg


  • Getting tickets is haaaard :(
  • Putting retired EV battery pack in the fish
  • Bikes, Bikes, Bikes!
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