Fish Heads - Part Deux

Still planning

Discofish camp is still in planning mode. Mostly. A few people turned a wrench tonight. Most of us drank beer and talked about stuff somebody else could build later. But the scary realization that we're running out of later is starting to hit and this blogger just realized it's already 2016 and the man burns in just 156 days.

Another wearables prototype

The wearables concept is congealing around light up furry vests (homemade, not store bought), plus random projects teammates want to pursue on their own. Like blinky scale-synchronized glasses!

So Meta

Estimating costs of the vests. LED lighting is by far the most expensive line item, coming in at ~$40-$400 per vest depending on the style of lights and LED density. I plan to keep mine cheap and easy, but that means a) I'm on my own to make it and write the software if the rest of the camp wants something more fancy, and 2) it won't be able to display actual visualizer effects and instead will just glow different colors. Still pretty cool, in my opinion.

So not everyone drank beer and procrastinated

At [CORPORATE NAME REDACTED], and in camp Discofish, we have very few rules, but one big one is that you never drink before working with high voltage. A few sober soldiers abstained from the sweet, sweet nectar that is our free draught beer and eviscerated the second-life battery pack, splaying its entrails across the garage floor (while meticulously documenting and photographing the original factory cabling and mechanical assemblies for potential reconstruction later on).

Posted 2016/03/30, 8:30PM

by Keg


  • Cost estimation and design of light up furry vests
  • Battery pack disection
  • Beer.