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Playa's artsy and glowing expanse is pure magic when experienced from the back and fins of DiscoFish. You must swim with us if you haven't already. If you have, come back and say hi. We love when friends return to the fish to create more memories. My very first day as a Burning Man virgin in 2014 was spent assembling the fish, as it takes roughly 60 man hours to prep her. After we received our day and night licenses from the DMV, I collapsed at 9pm and slept like a baby for 15 hours. I so needed the sleep to recover from my previous 30 hours spent packing, caravaning the fish to BRC, and then helping bring the fish to life. My 2nd day on playa was spent marveling at the Monday morning storm and watching a few of my campmates having mud wrestling in the rain. Once the playa dried up sufficiently, we hopped onboard and cruised around playa. It was a stunningly beautiful day especially because I spent the whole day and night dancing on the front of the fish while we traveled to check out Embrace, deep playa, and BRC. I had the best first view of playa ever...from under the disco ball.

So... should we paint it or something?
Baby fish

"This is the culture of DiscoFish. To do crazy magical things with technology."
-Our fearless Captain

I've been working with this quirky, ingenious, hardworking team of engineers/artists who build and enhance the fish for 3 years now, and each year I get more deeply involved with the conceptual and sheer physical labor aspects of operating such a large art car. SO. MUCH. HARD. WORK. The sheer amount of hands on man hours that it takes to build and maintain a mutant vehicle of this size and caliber completely blows my mind, even still.

Cute little tail

I'm a dancer on the front stage of the fish, and so last year I was tasked with refinishing the dance floor located in the open mouth of our angler. The new dance floor surface had to be playa sturdy, barefoot friendly, light/small enough for transport, and look pretty. Working within these parameters, we considered linoleum, foam tiles, sparkle paint, and finally decided on astro turf. Fashion meets function. It's even red like a tongue. But first I had to scrape off the former layer of paint which took 6 people multiple days to accomplish. I'm still not 100% happy with the feel of that astro turf. I was promised that it would be soft on bare feet, but I personally don't like it. But there is always more work to be done on the fish, and jobs need to get done so we can move on to other jobs.


Blah blah dancey blah

The talent

I need pictures of camp life

Posted 2016/03/09, 6:00PM

by Wildcat

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