Fish Spawn

The original Discofish

The first Discofish took ____ long to build and was made from a _____ chassis. She served the Playa well for ____ years, but the crew wanted something ...bigger.

So... should we paint it or something?
So... should we paint it or something?

A new vehicle was needed. One that would be bigger, with more teeth and blinky lights. So the crew found a retired E350 party bus for sale and began making plans.

Cute little tail

At first the plans were modest (by our standards)...


But the design grew, as those things tend to go

Could we put fire on it?

I need pictures of the fish from each year it went to Burning Man. Pics from when it was just the bus, and the bus plus trailer, then tail, then dorsal fins, etc.

Posted 2016/03/09, 6:00PM

by Keg

Article summary:

The beginnings of Discofish

  • Original vehicle
  • New chassis
  • Concept art
  • Sexy AF