Meet the Team

We are DiscoFish. We build DiscoFish. We play DiscoFish.

After trying to buy a DiscoFish off the lot, and not finding quite what we wanted, a small group of dedicated builders and engineers decided to make their own.

What you see today is the result of years of hard work, countless hours, blood, sweat, tears and many kegs of beer.

Our Team

The Captain Driver

For my kids, my crew and the burning community, DiscoFish is a technology celebration of what is possible with engineering passion specializing in the ridiculous. We are blessed with an amazing crew that lovingly donates their time, talent and cash. Thank you. -Cap'n

WABON Creative Advisor

Pharaoh Tool Boy

Top of the dude chain

Big Money Big Money

Big Money makes the fish possible. He knows a good investment when he sees one and has been a faithful guide and enabler of the fish since time eternal. He's a good person, too, so if you see him after a night of swimming with us, be sure to say so long, and thanks for all the fish.



Robinski Mistress of the Scales

Mistress of the Mistress of the Scales

Larry Dome Guy
aka Poppa P

DiscoFish irregular since 2014. Burner since 2009. Father of Liz



Pyro Stage Manager

First year 2012. Last year 2013, Lost part of middle finger, fish-bite, but mostly grew back. ;-) Favorite contribution, design & build flame thrower!




Igor Russian #1

Dmitry Russian #2

Disco Chris Wearables Guru Security Gnome in Training

I am the shiniest person on DiscoFish.

Keg Beverage Technician

Building and burning with the Fish since 2013. Keg designed, built and continues to maintain the draft beer systems onboard the Fish and in Keggy.

WildCat Foxy Z

WildCat joined DiscoFish in 2014 and can usually be found dancing on the stage. She helps with music and scale pattern design and recently upgraded the stage floor.


TSLB Trevor

"Mmrph hrmmphurmph mrphrurhmpmffr"

Nina Hey You

I'm a musician, model, actress and entertaining person, of sorts. I love going to Burning Man for the culture and the art.


Amir DustBunny

I help out with the DiscoFish’s scales. Specifically, the scales of justice. More accurately; just-ice. Makes the drinks quench better in the heat.

Adam Little Amir

Colorado Both of Them

Charlie Perkins
Heyup There
Long Thing

Long Thing joined DiscoFish in 2014 and can usually be found. Playing guitar or dancing to unseen rhythms, that is. Sometimes. Or not.



Ian Mac


Security Gnome #1
Orgasm Donor

Don't make me beat you off.

Rumi Radio Guy

Specialist in spreading DiscoFish love, one Bhangra move at a time. Known for winning the spelling bee by yelling YOLO. Also, GPS + Ham Radio = WTF. That’s what she said.

Ronnie Short Circuit

I'm the head electron wrangler around these parts. I keep 20,000 watts going where they need to go like bass,beer,and blinky lights. When not dealing with the power I do quality control on the beer and shoot the flamethrower

TittyBarTony Jack off of all trades…. master baiter of none. Fish herder and fire (un)safety technician. I press the button when Ronnie gives it to me.

TittyBar joined the ‘Fish in 2015 after meeting the crew on playa in 2014 and getting a ride on the bestest art car in the west. On Playa, Tittybar excels in Tecate consumption and random drug testing. Off Playa, Tony pretends to be a functioning member of society and looks after his two boys and wonderfully accommodating and understanding (non-Burner) wife

Swabbie Stitch B!t€h Screwgirl.

Does laundry and all things cleaning. Narrowly avoids prison by brushing fish teeth, scales, and cleaning fins and tail. Cleans and organizes stable, and uses stitchcraft to make the ponies extra sparkly and the fish extra shiny.